Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa's Secret Lexington Trip

One of the Dicken's guarantees is that if you send us a Christmas card you will in return the next year receive one. However, this year we ran into a little glitch with the printing company. As a result we only sent out 25. To the rest we apologize and want to wish you a 


Like usual we will not be spending Christmas at home. Since luggage is at a premium these days we decided that this year we would celebrate Christmas early. 

The boys received a wagon. Brighton was excited with a set of balls, some cars, books and clothes. Greg was pumped about the wagon, but was also excited for some new Cars toys, a series of puzzles and coloring books, and some clothes. 

Amber got what every mom loves... a deep cleaning vacuum cleaner.

Noel received a new hiking/camera bag in prep for some awesome 2012 trips.

What a bunch of hunks!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bucket Lists

If you live in Kentucky, attending a UK basketball has to be on your bucket list. At least it was on ours. 

This year is the last year UK would play UNC at home before we left Kentucky. So, after an early morning clinic, afternoon lecture and an evening spent studying Noel waited in line w/ Jon Bylund and Josh Reynolds until 12:30 to purchase tickets to the UK/UNC game. Poor Noel plopped into bed after spending 17 hours on campus only to wake back up at 6:30 for an 8am exam in Pharm. Yum:(
But it was totally worth it. Yesterday we spent the afternoon with the Bylunds and Reynolds at Rupp for one of the best college games ever! It was epic. Epic enough for Noel to lose his voice.
Here is a panoramic stitch of inside Rupp. Noel used our little point and shoot to take a series of images that he stitched together. Do you think UK colors are blue and white? What made you think that. 

What a handsome couple. I think the hats made the image.

And here are Greg's future in-laws aka the Bylunds. The other day Ashley was going to come over and play with Greg but she couldn't. Instead Angela offered for Greg to go over to their place. When Amber asked Greg if that was ok he replied with "Oh, thank you!"

Here is our power couple. Josh and Jenna will be the ones that cure AIDS and start a redesign your home on a dime.

Last time Noel attended UK's home game against UNC he bought tickets for the "Eruption Zone" (picture below). Little did he know that he was caught on College GameDay wearing a shirt more reminiscent of UNC blue instead of Kentucky blue amongst a slew of rabid UK student fans. Yesterday he wore white.

Another pic of the Eruption Zone.

Here is the final score. Davis' block at the end of the game once again saved the day for UK. It should be a thrilling year for UK.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just One Reason I Love Being a Mom

Here's a conversation I had with Greg this afternoon while we were playing in our blanket boat.

Greg: I don't want to miss you.
Me: I'm right here, so you don't need to miss me.
Greg: I love you.
Me: I love you, too.
Greg: I want you forever.
Me: Well, guess what. I get to be your mom forever.
Greg: Oh good!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who here likes MAC and CHEESE!?

Brighton does! Can't you tell?

Also, we had such a fun Halloween this year. Brighton and Amber were a little under the weather so they stayed home and distributed candy (we actually had a lot of trick or treaters this year). Greg and Noel went with the Willburs and lit up the neighborhood racking up the candy!

Here are the boys. Greg was Lightening McQueen and Brighton was a Giraffe. Noel was Senor Guapo!

No holiday picture would be complete without a little crying. Love it!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Baby is #1…that is in Years!

Gifts come in many sizes, shapes, and packages.
This is one of our most valuable gifts...and by far one of the funnest.

Happy Birthday Bubba Chubs!

We Love You!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yes...that is a potty chart. is full of stickers. was a big celebration!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

End of Seasons

As a youth Fall meant apple cidar, pumpkins, Halloween, and of course soccer. Lexington isn't quite known for its apple cidar and pumpkins, but the world's most beloved game is alive and well in the hearts of Lexitonians. I will admit that nothing trumps basketball in the bluegrass state, but the influence of soccer from the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states is spreading.

Greg had his last fall soccer game/practice this morning. Who knows what sports Greg will end up liking, but we are so proud as parents to watch Greg's change in athletic participation. He was so timid when soccer first started. Now he runs, dribbles, and kicks with enthusiasm with the other children.

Here he is after scoring a goal. They were supposed to be practicing "Red light/Green light." Greg decided that there is no such thing as "red light."

Greg chasing the ball. Love the bed-head.

Of course soccer would be incomplete unless his girl/friend Ashley was there. Is it too early to start praying that Greg meets/dates/marries someone as cool as Ashley Bylund. Here is to hoping:)

Such a great image. Greg's coach (the one on the right) did a spectacular job with the kids. He worked really well with the kids and I think he enjoyed the experience (or at least we think he did!).


Each child received a trophy for their efforts. Greg isn't a super star, but I am grateful as a parent for his efforts to be better and his attentiveness to his coach. Way to go Greggors!

Love this!

Greggor's biggest fan! Poor Brighton. He loved watching his brother play soccer and was so disappointed that he could not join in on the action.

I think Brighton may have a future in athletics...or at least in hoarding balls. He is our only kid who as loved throwing his food so maybe he will become a pitcher or quaterback or something :)

The Fall also means the end of summer weather. Luckily Lexington stays pretty warm up until Thanksgiving, but our chances to play in the backyard together are quickly coming to an end. Last Sunday was gorgeous and so we took the boys into the backyard and let them run around.

We recently found out that Brighton is a little daredevil. He particularly likes slides. Here he is climbing up the slide.

And enjoying every minute of flying down.

Good image to end the post with.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Keeneland a Family Tradition

Last Friday opened the fall season of horse racing at Keeneland. The races at Keeneland are a big deal to central Kentucky and as their claim to fame Kentuckians will remind you that the first place Queen Elizabeth  ever visited in the US was Keeneland. 

Since we are not big horse race gamblers we particularly enjoy the Breakfast with the Works. The boys love eating donuts and as much greasy food as they can and then going down to the track to see the horses. Plus it is always fun to see newbees to the horse racing experience gussied up at 8 in the morning. 

This morning we treated the boys to breakfast at Keeneland. Greg had a ton of fun helping Dad take pictures with "Dad's camera." In fact Greg took the picture below.

Unfortunately our tradition had been to visit Keeneland with the Birds. When we got down to the track to look at the horses Greg turned to Noel and said, "This is where Maddox and I were last time. I miss him." But we had some great company in the Reynolds and hopefully they won't mind going with us again :)

Greg also loves watching the horses. He was so excited to watch them race by.

Brighton also liked watching the horses, but he was a little more comatose and subdued due to being tired and slightly cold.

Greg posing for the camera.

Greggors pointing out to mom the cow horse.

The cow horse: Greg took this picture as well.

On the way out to the car we had a discussion about how lucky we are as a family to enjoy such a wonderful place to live as Noel finishes dental school. This year Noel has served on the admissions committee to dental school and we have had many discussions about the positives and negatives about attending UK. In the end we always feel grateful for our time here in Kentucky. I think the boys would concur. :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Its Hard Being First

I have always looked up to my oldest sister. 
She had to always act older than her age and of course she had to deal with me.

It is not easy being the first.

Parents expect the most out of their first born, and in a lot of professional families,
they also struggle through residencies, student loans, and hectic schedules. 

In our busy lives it is not uncommon to forget to express our gratitude for their concomitant sacrifice.

Amber and I have been so blessed by our little Greggors who adds significant depth to our lives. 

Here is to Greggors...who is always excited to be first :)

And here are to good friends!

This past week we also learned of our previous Bishop moving to London, UK. We will miss their friendship and example.

This is more of a funny/fun side-note.

On Friday I officially became a founding member of the Future Male Dentists of America. Don't you just love our logo. You should google our motto, "Denum, veniunt porci"

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post Tent Party

Another motherless weekend. 
No problem. 

In order to celebrate our independence the boys had a campout in the backyard on Friday, soccer in the morning on Saturday and like all good men, the best naps Saturday afternoon.

Recently we purchased a 7-person tent, but due to a busy Fall schedule and hot weather, we hadn't been able to put it to good use. Friday afternoon after clinic I rushed home and Greg and I set up the tent. 

Greggors was the little champ and we put it up with no mistakes in about 20 minutes. We then loaded it up with tons of blankets and created as I like to call it, "Greggor's Throne."

The weather was nice and dry and we had a great night under the stars. 

Saturday morning we had round 2 of soccer. Much better. I made sure Greg was well-fed, fixed his shin guards so they didn't bother him, and dressed him for success. Yahoo! It helps that Greggors plays on the coolest "Tigers" team in Kentucky.

Sunday was another beautiful day in the Bluegrass so we took the boys outside to take down the tent and of course take pictures.

Here is Greggors sneaking out the backdoor.


No one has ever accused our boys of being camera shy. Here is Brighton hanging out in the tent space.

I love this series of photos. Brighton saw me lying in the grass in front of him and he lit up a cheese ball on cheese on fire!

Just liked the symmetry of the picture.

Happy to have his mother back. I do have to admit, and even Amber will admit this, but I am the king of naps. Somehow both of our boys love their dad putting them down for naps. Just watch, the next one will be a girl and all she will do is scream...yup, scream like a banshee.

Love this. Turned around and saw my shadow in the grass with Brighton on my shoulders. Handed the camera to Amber and sure enough...Amber snapped a beauty! Tempted to keep this picture for Halloween. Looks like some sort of Louisiana bayou swamp monster.

Need I say anything else besides... two cool dud[es]!