Friday, October 7, 2011

Its Hard Being First

I have always looked up to my oldest sister. 
She had to always act older than her age and of course she had to deal with me.

It is not easy being the first.

Parents expect the most out of their first born, and in a lot of professional families,
they also struggle through residencies, student loans, and hectic schedules. 

In our busy lives it is not uncommon to forget to express our gratitude for their concomitant sacrifice.

Amber and I have been so blessed by our little Greggors who adds significant depth to our lives. 

Here is to Greggors...who is always excited to be first :)

And here are to good friends!

This past week we also learned of our previous Bishop moving to London, UK. We will miss their friendship and example.

This is more of a funny/fun side-note.

On Friday I officially became a founding member of the Future Male Dentists of America. Don't you just love our logo. You should google our motto, "Denum, veniunt porci"


The Bradley's said...

I absolutely love your logo! It's fabulous!

angela said...

I need that picture of Ashley and Greg. They are so so so cute together!