Thursday, January 29, 2009

Noel and I were cleaning out the closet in the office and came across this picture of Lynne, Hayley, and Maren.  They were skiing at Alta, and it doesn't look like Hayley was having that much fun.  Sorry, Hayley.  I had to; it made us laugh just too much!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 Months

Five months is the equivalent of 153 days, which is equal to 153 days of sleep deprived zombiesque mornings. Some people use coffee or caffeine pills in order to overcome this level of deprivation, however we depend on simple smiles and hopefully a nice daily afternoon nap. 
In order to celebrate Greg's fifth month, we have posted some pictures from his big day.
Greg has mastered sitting up. When he becomes really excited he still tends to flop onto his back or side, but for the most part it has been a real blessing for Noel.
Greg hates tummy time, but he loves to stand up by himself...go figure. 
We call this the wrestle mania pose. 
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King Sized Beds are Overrated

Yes they are, or least they are if your name begins with Gr- and ends with -eg. Each night Amber and I tuck Greg in his bed and say our family prayer. We like to think that at 6:30pm he is equidistant from all sides of the crib. However, by 9pm he has scrapped his blankets and is huddle against one of the four corners. One night Amber snuck into his room and took some pictures. Here is the little man propped up against the southwest corner.
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Help! I'm Stuck!

We are extremely blessed to have an amazingly thoughtful and energized Aunt Gayle. In fact Greg shares his initials with Aunt Gayle and Grandpa Dickens. Anywho, Aunt Gayle sent Greg this really cute Winni the Pooh winter outfit that if needed could be used to take Greg to the top of K2. Unfortuntately Greg has grown exponentially since his birth and tends to outgrow things before Amber and I realize outfits might fit him. This past weekend Amber and I went through the closet and found this outfit and decided to dress Greg up.
After some finagling with the outfit and lots of grunting, Greg lay on the floor nearly immobile...but he looked sooooooo cute!
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What you talking 'bout Willis

Greg has two faces...sleepy man and "What you talking 'bout Willis" man. The latter of the two is marked by big eyes, an open mouth, and arched eyebrows. He really isn't mad, but if you didn't know him then you would think he is out to kill you. Below is an archetypical example of his "Willis" pose. Enjoy!
 Amber thought that in order to junxtapose Greg's face with happiness I should include a nice Idahoan sunset.

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Christmas Vacation

It's only the end of January, and I'm finally writing about Christmas.  We had a lovely break in Utah and Idaho.  We travelled on the 22nd.  Greg was a champ!  He didn't fuss all that much and made friends with all the ladies that sat around us.  He was very tired by the end of the day because he does not take naps unless he is flat on his back.   This is a picture at the Detroit airport during our layover when we tried to put his hat on him...I think it's a little too small.
We flew into Salt Lake to a TON of snow.  We stayed at LesliAnn and Mike's house for a couple of days.  While in Utah we enjoyed seeing Mike, Les, Julia, and Luke.  We also got to go to lunch with Maren and Jordan to satisfy our Costa Vida cravings.  Delicious!!!
 When the roads re-opened to Idaho, we went up to my parent's house.  On Christmas Eve, we had our traditional dinner with Lorna and David and their family followed by the white elephant gift exchange.  The "brief case" made an appearance again this year (see Josh and Adele's blog for the picture).  Everyone coveted the scentless potpourri that Melissa got and Micah's gypsy necklace. 
On Christmas morning, we opened presents of course.  It was really fun to watch Dallin enjoy his presents.  Yahoo for Legos!  Dad bought a helmet for his 4-wheeler so Dallin can protect his cranium.  Below is a picture of Carrie modeling the helmet.  I think it was squishing her brains.  After presents we enjoyed Micah's cinnamon rolls; he makes the tastiest cinnamon rolls I've ever had!  Later in the day Terri, Art, and Corinne (family friends) and Grandpa, Rhonda, and Justin came over for lunch and more presents.  Needless to say, Greg made a haul!  He got a bunch of desperately needed new clothes, some toys, and some great blankets.
What a cute boy!
Noel and I bundled up to go 4-wheeling through the snow.

On New Year's Eve, we went over to Grandpa and Rhonda's house for prime rib.  Stephen and Lindsay came too.  I ate way too much but I just couldn't say no.  

We played lots of Nertz, watch a bunch of The Office, and laughed until our abs were like steel!  It was a wonderful holiday, and it was great to see all of my family for Christmas.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Greg at 4 Months

Well...our little munchkin is 4 months old. What a happy 4 months it has been. Greg is now about 19 pounds and has "squishy, chubby cheeks." I love them! Here he is in his Christmas pajamas that Aunt Gayle gave him.

He loves his ExerSaucer. He can play in that thing for quite a while, which gives Noel a little bit of time to get some work done. P.S. Noel is such a great dad and takes such good care of Greg. As a result, Greg is a daddy's boy.He (Greg, not Noel) also is quite the drooler. I wondered if he was teething, but I think he might just like to drool.

Greg also HATES tummy time. Everytime we put him on his belly, he almost always starts grunting and crying after a few minutes. I thought this picture was hilarious because I can just imagine that he is thinking, "How dare you make me do this?!?!"

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