Monday, December 9, 2013

Rewind: Christmas 2012

Noel had a nice long break for Christmas. Unfortunately he was sick, really sick, almost the entire "nice long break." He did manage to make the boys a firetruck bunk bed in the garage, even though it was really cold. I think it turned out to be a bigger project than he anticipated, but he got it all finished and it looked great. He's such a good dad. 

 He also managed to get some reading in. :)

 The boys before church. This wasn't in December, but it was too cute of a picture not to include in our book.

A few days before Christmas, Lexington got a pretty good snow storm (3 or so inches). 
 Brighton does not like to be cold, so he was a little hesitant.

Greg, on the other hand, loves the snow and was gung-ho about playing in it.

Christmas Eve, we went to the Bylund's house for a fondue dinner. Yvonne Allen was there also, as well as Jon's parents (Pam and Bob). We sure miss the Bylunds!
Here is a picture of the crew (stolen from the Bylund's blog): 

Acting out the nativity. BFFs, Ashley and Greg, were Mary and Joseph.

Christmas morning. The kids were way spoiled.

 The best picture we could get of them in front of the tree. :)

After opening presents, we had the Bensons (Curtis, Gail, and Dezh) over for brunch. Good food, good company.