Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunsets over Kentucky

Last summer I would cycle out Delong Road, take Shelby Lane to Jacks Creek Pike, pedal down Spears until it ran into Tates Creek (1974) and then race to the river. I would return home the same way and loved seeing the sunset as I pedaled along Jacks Creek. There is a little pond along Jacks Creek that points due west from the road and if you time it just right the sun creates this amazing golden glow on the water. Since I had a little spare time last evening I decided to go out to my favorite spot in Kentucky and take a picture...
It was totally worth it:)  
When people aren't blowing up their houses from meth production or killing each other with shovels, Kentucky really is a small piece of Heaven on Earth.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mini Beethoven

Since Greg was old enough to sit up by himself, he has been fascinated with the piano. Sometimes I think he would even trade yogurt and apple juice just to thump the keys and listen to the demo music. While I was preparing emails for work I plopped Greg down on the piano bench and he went crazy...that is, crazy with excitement. When I turned around to watch Greg he totally looked like Beethoven reincarnated. I couldn't pass up the photo-op. Because of low lighting I had to use a small f-stop, but you can still make out the crazy hair and the pure excitement on his face. Just think, Greg could be Yo Yo Ma of the piano or as Amber just reminded me...Yanni. I wish I could have been Yanni, the name itself picks up all the chicks.
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