Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Smiles Bring Candy Hangovers!

I know this is a little late, but better late than never.

Before we jump into a lively Easter photolog, I wanted to post two pictures that are every parents dream
...Sleeping children!

Now, onto Easter.

Since last Easter our family has grown and we were excited to introduce Brighton to the joy of Easter morning chocolate fest. It didn't take much introduction, however, as Brighton seemed to have some magic powers of candy discernment. We even caught him in the act of hounding Greg's Easter basket. 

After church we went over to the Bylund's house where we enjoyed a nice Easter ham dinner w/ fruit and lots of little kids. We are so grateful for their kindness and friendship. What would the world ever do without the Bylunds!? Thanks Pam and Bob! 

Here is Amber and Brighton in the hallway just prior to the start of the Easter egg hunt festivities.

Greg searching for eggs. We thought for sure that Greg would be an aggressive egg hunter, but we were surprised to see such a meek side of our little Greggors. He is, however, still our #1 Dude or as Grandma Dickens says, "Cool D...U...D...(whoops no 'E')"

Bylund nation starring Pam and Bob. For once Greg almost forgot that his picture was being taken.

Yahoo! Wait, where is the candy?


More eggs


Thanks Pam for the bucket. Greg still carries around his bucket from last year and loves telling us it is "Greggors"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sun and Smiles

Everybody needs a break from potty-training...right? Today was nice and warm (we actually had to turn the air on), so for a break we turned on the sprinkler and let Greg go crazy. 

What a great afternoon outside!

And to finish it off...What a great face!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Adventures

Of course it rains all week and then Sunday is beautiful. When I was a child this used to bother me to no end; all I wanted to do was run around outside and soak up all the rays. This morning before church we took some pictures of the boys. Greg was his usual self and instead of staying still he decided to show off his amazing running skills!?

Brighton sat back and watched all of the excitement. Don't you just love the belly chub. His nickname of Bubba Chubs is well deserved...a 5 month old stuck in a 1 year old body.

Here comes the flying Greggors!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Like Ice Cream, How Bout You?

A lot has happened, but when we think back to what happened, nothing really happened at all...just a couple of weeks, lots of tests, plenty of ice cream and dreaming about consistently warm weather.

We have recently discovered the joy of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. Lexington has two locations, one close to our house. Last week for FHE we took the boys for some dessert and Greg was in seven heaven. He loved grabbing the levers and watching the ice cream flow like sweet molasses on a hot summer day. Greg's favorite activity by far was asking for more sprinkles. That kid loves his sprinkles.

Brighton continues to grow into our little "Bubba chubs." He has entered the "once in sight I will get it" stage. We love watching his eyes lit up with excitement for new things.  

On Monday we will begin our "3-day" potty training program w/ Greg. We are excited and after opening his new underwear, Greg is excited. He was however disappointed that most of his Lightening McQueen undies only had McQueen's picture on the back and not the front; he kept insisting that the back was the front because "McQueen is on the front, Daddy!"

Just to note how rough the last couple of weeks have been, here is Noel asleep w/ Greg. He went in to tell stories at 7:30 and both of them were asleep by 7:45. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet B-Ted

Springtime Fun!

Meet Woody and Buzz! This evening the Birds came over for some fun FHE and Greg and Maddox were in their element. Greg insisted he was Woody from Toy Story and Maddox joined in the fun by being Buzz Lightyear. Can't you see the resemblance?  

Greg loves being helpful in the kitchen and he particularly likes turning on the Kitchenaid! Here he is caught doing what he does best, creating kitchen mayhem.

Spring has brought some nice showers and where else would a curious 2 yr old boy be?...But outside! Notice anything? How about Greg's kangaroo pouch?

Love it!

March Madness in Kentucky is like no other place. People bleed blue from birth to death. Since we now have two native Kentuckians (G-reg and B-Ted) living in our home, we of course had to dress up and celebrate for anything blue. Go Cougs! and Cats!