Saturday, October 22, 2011

End of Seasons

As a youth Fall meant apple cidar, pumpkins, Halloween, and of course soccer. Lexington isn't quite known for its apple cidar and pumpkins, but the world's most beloved game is alive and well in the hearts of Lexitonians. I will admit that nothing trumps basketball in the bluegrass state, but the influence of soccer from the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states is spreading.

Greg had his last fall soccer game/practice this morning. Who knows what sports Greg will end up liking, but we are so proud as parents to watch Greg's change in athletic participation. He was so timid when soccer first started. Now he runs, dribbles, and kicks with enthusiasm with the other children.

Here he is after scoring a goal. They were supposed to be practicing "Red light/Green light." Greg decided that there is no such thing as "red light."

Greg chasing the ball. Love the bed-head.

Of course soccer would be incomplete unless his girl/friend Ashley was there. Is it too early to start praying that Greg meets/dates/marries someone as cool as Ashley Bylund. Here is to hoping:)

Such a great image. Greg's coach (the one on the right) did a spectacular job with the kids. He worked really well with the kids and I think he enjoyed the experience (or at least we think he did!).


Each child received a trophy for their efforts. Greg isn't a super star, but I am grateful as a parent for his efforts to be better and his attentiveness to his coach. Way to go Greggors!

Love this!

Greggor's biggest fan! Poor Brighton. He loved watching his brother play soccer and was so disappointed that he could not join in on the action.

I think Brighton may have a future in athletics...or at least in hoarding balls. He is our only kid who as loved throwing his food so maybe he will become a pitcher or quaterback or something :)

The Fall also means the end of summer weather. Luckily Lexington stays pretty warm up until Thanksgiving, but our chances to play in the backyard together are quickly coming to an end. Last Sunday was gorgeous and so we took the boys into the backyard and let them run around.

We recently found out that Brighton is a little daredevil. He particularly likes slides. Here he is climbing up the slide.

And enjoying every minute of flying down.

Good image to end the post with.

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