Sunday, December 16, 2007

Severe Winter Weather

It has been rainy quite a bit recently. To be completely honest, I am tired of the rain (I guess it's because I'm from a desert). But last night while I was watching the SNL Christmas special, there was a severe winter weather alert going across the screen. It also had a list of churches that were canceling Sunday services because of the weather alert. are some pictures taken from the kitchen of the severe winter weather.This is winter weather in Kentucky. :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Camera

I've taken a while to come into the digital camera age (I guess it's not just a fad...hehehe). I have a film camera that I got right before digital cameras became affordable. Well, I started to want a digital camera so that I wouldn't have to use Noel's huge, fancy camera or wait for my film to be all used up. Noel knew that I wanted one, so when all of the after Thanksgiving sales were going on, he ordered one on the Sears website. I was really excited about it, so I got to have it early. I LOVE IT!!!! I have been running around taking pictures like a crazy person. :)

Noel's parents, sister and grandparents came and stayed with us for Thanksgiving. It was so fun! Lynne has a good eye for decorating so we did some of that. She made us some really cool pillows for the couch.

Noel and I also decided that we wanted to paint the dining room. It was a really light cream color before. It looked nice, but I was just in a daring mood. So we painted it "sweet currant." Yes, I have a purple room, and I love it. I think it looks awesome with the wainscoting on the bottom third of the walls. We don't actually use the dining room, but it was still fun to make it "our own."
We also bought a rug and put up a mirror in our little entry way. It's fun not having to worry about a landlord getting mad at you for putting things up on the wall. :)


In Kentucky, the teachers aren't given a real professional teaching license until after they have completed the Kentucky Teaching Internship Program. And since I only taught one CERTIFIED year in Utah, I don't count as a real professional teacher yet either. So I have to do KTIP this year; I think it's a little crazy but not too bad. But I do have cause to celebrate; I am official done with the first of three cycles. Yahoo! The good thing is that I didn't feel like I had to do all that much work for it either. Hopefully the other two cycles will be the same.