Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Hang-Over

We've definitely had a lot of fun this weekend. First off, Greg celebrated his 2nd birthday on Thursday. Lots of ice cream, lots of sugar highs, and two tired parents.

2nd, Friday classes were canceled due to the death in the family of the teaching faculty member. 
Lots of chores, yard work, and picture editing...and of course more birthday cake.

3rd, Saturday was filled with more errands to run and of course another birthday celebration.
Cake, cake, and more cake. 
Blood glucose levels - Sky high!

4th, Sunday turned into the day of slumber.
Thank goodness for the week to start to catch up on sleep :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Yahoo! We all love pictures...

Greg doing what he loves best, driving!

Ice cream cake celebration on Thursday. The start to sugies!

Greg's two presents: Blocks (in the background) and his favorite...The BIKE! Check out his dare-devil video on Vimeo under "Dare-devil Biking!"

Friday morning in the garage hanging with dad. Helmet and glasses put on by himself. Like father, like son! Indoctrinated at a young age :)

Greg's birthday cake for Saturday's party. His favorite movie is "Bee Movie"...could you guess?

Best buds eating their cake and ice cream. Thanks Jackson for putting up with G-reg!

Mad-dog Maddox on Friday enjoying some ice cream cake. Greg is definitely going to miss Maddox when they leave next year.

His 3 Star Crossed lovers...Ashley, Emily, and Brinley. What would we do without these three?!

Thanks Mom for my multiple birthdays!

Sunday afternoon playing with his golf set.

Just as a side note. Today's Sunday school was a combined Priesthood/Relief Society Lesson by the Bishopric on friendship. This summer we had 19 families move into the ward with a net gain of 56 members. Lots of new faces and lots of opportunities to make new friends. The lesson was on incorporating people generally outside of our friendship circles. During the lesson, Bishop Blodgett shared an experience where an elderly member of the ward had recently passed away and when asked who his best friend was he responded with, "Jon Bylund." Jon, father of 3 and half this man's age, has been a great example to us since moving to Kentucky about the joys of stepping out of our comfort zone to meet and befriend new people. We love living in Kentucky and know that the Lord provided us this opportunity to grow, mature, and learn. Thank you to those who make the Tates Creek Ward wonderful and great. Here's to good friends and a great ward! Cheers

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Greg!

When your birthday is December 28th, there is no such thing as a “brithday party”. Most people are still recovering from Christmas and/or preparing for New Years. So around your 10th birthday you make a personal vow to yourself that all of your children’s birthday’s will be spectacles seen from space! 
Yesterday was Greg’s 2nd birthday and like tradition it kick off a weekend of birthday festivities. Greg watched an extra hour of tv (mostly Bee Movie), played outside the rest of the time, had a ton of ice cream cake, and was sung to so many times that he thinks the Dickens’ family anthem is Happy Birthday.
But birthdays are not just for the child, but they are chance for parents to sit back and celebrate surviving another year. In the morning I took pictures indexed from the last two years and made a tribute video to Greg. 

Amber and I watched it multiple times and each time we broke into tears. You see, celebrating a child’s birthday is celebrating being a parent. Being a parent isn’t easy, but it is the greatest gift anyone could be given for there is no time-honored stamp of approval like, “Daddy” or “Mommy”. Thanks Greg for a wonderful two years!