Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Invention: Sprinklers

Lexington has been amazingly hot these last two weeks (averages in the 90s). During these hot times, our lives have revolved around the YMCA pool (thank you YMCA...you are a life-saver). When we can't make it to the pool we hook up the caterpillar sprinkler head for Greg in the backyard. Yesterday we were both too busy to take Greg to the Y so we let him run crazy in the backyard. Of course, the first thing he did was run to his car. Water, soccer, and cars...we are a good 4th on Greg's important list.

He has recently started to tell us when he is running. We love it because it is an instant tracking device..."I'm running!"

Greg has also started to love kicking any type of ball. What a great influence the World Cup is.

And of course...the water fanatic shows up.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Dickens is a ............. and Camping!

On Wednesday Amber had her 20 week doctor's appointment and gender determination ultrasound (I'm not quite sure if that is the correct terminology, but doesn't it sound cool?). Some friends in the ward watched Greg during the appointment (thank goodness because it lasted almost 4 hours!). Amber's appointment went well and after a lot of waiting we were finally able to see the ultrasound tech and doctor.

I remember Greg's ultrasound and I was so excited to be there for our second child's ultrasound. Amber was pretty sure that the child was a boy and I thought it was a girl (however, with secret hopes it would be a boy so Greg could have a brother). Let's see if you can figure out what our new addition is...

It's a boy! We are so excited. He is currently about 14-15 ounces and is doing great. We should have known it was a boy because on the way over to our friend's house Greg kept saying, "Baby...boy...yeah."

Here are some other ultrasound pictures...

To celebrate we went camping with the Bylunds to Cave Run National Park. It was a beautiful night and we had so much fun. The Bylunds share my passion for cycling and their whole family brought their bikes. Greg was so excited about the abundance of bikes around him. Luckily little Lindsey was super kind and allowed Greg to sit on her bedazzled bike.

Greg also loved playing with his girlfriend, Ashley.

Before lunch and heading down to the lake to swim we took the little ones on a hike. Amber and I were amazed by how adventurous the kids were.

What a good dad Jon is...

I am also a very luckily dad to have such a wonderful wife and one crazy but pretty well behaved son...

What a fun mini-vacation. And for anyone looking for a great camping area...Twin Knobs at Cave Run rocks! The camp sites are really nice with immaculate bathrooms and a beautiful lake to swim and boat in....hint, hint, hint Grandparents.

As a last side-note. I was reading in Parents magazine today and found that Lexington, KY is the 4th best place to raise a family in the US. We would have to concur with that decision. What a great place to live.

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup is Finally Here

Like a kid in a candy store, once every four years I turn into the reclusive eccentric soccer aficionado that scours the internet looking for TV schedules of games, loads every World Cup app to his iPod, memorizes all 23 players from each of the 32 teams, and dreams in exuberant fan celebrations and amazing goals. 

Today is June 11, the start of the best month in sports. I've picked my favorite teams to win it all and to start off the month of celebration Amber and I are having an authentic South African barbecue. 

This World Cup is particularly meaningful as in 2006, Amber and I lived in East London, South Africa (a small city of 100,000) while I worked with the Eastern Cape Province Department of Health. It was a great experience and we both shed a lot of tears when we said goodbye to friends. Four years later the World Cup is in South Africa and I am excited yet deeply saddened that I will not be there. You see, two years ago I purchased group stage tickets to the World Cup with the expectation that I would travel back to South Africa. Unfortunately, when I received my dental school schedule last fall I noticed that classes went to July 3rd. Booooo!!!!!! Two weeks after I sold my tickets UK changed the class schedule and I would finish on Monday, June 14th...Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I am still quite mad that I won't be there to see any of the games, but I am grateful for Amber who puts up with my enthusiasm for soccer. 

I hope that for all my fellow soccer nuts that all your soccer wishes come true and when everything is all said and done that you have at least partied once or twice like these Xhosa women below.