Sunday, November 28, 2010

One of the Best Thanksgivings

Every year Amber and I find it harder and harder to travel for the holidays. Ticket prices keep rising, our family gets bigger and unfortunately I never have a true vacation because vacation simply means extra time to study. The last two years we have been lucky to have Great Grandma and Grandpa Minick, "Skinny Lynney" and "Gordie", and cousin Christie and her beautiful family the Crockers visit our home and spend a crazy yet fun Thanksgiving. This year, however, with family unable to visit we were able to spend some much needed and fun family time together.

Lectures finished Wednesday so when I got home around noon I took Greg to Lowe's to pick up light switches and outlets. Greg had a blast running up and down the aisle telling me all about the many "manly" things he found. He particularly liked the washer/dryer aisle as he could open the doors, stick his head in and hear his voice echo. Since Brighton's birth my time with Greg has been limited and I loved having a little bit of free time just being a dad. Thanks Greg for your enthusiasm, constant conversation and fun spirit! That afternoon after his nap, Greg helped me work around the house replacing the switches and outlets. Although he never found a use for his wrench, he certainly tried. Here is a picture of Greg with his "blue" work light.

Thursday morning we awoke to an exciting day of turkey roasting, stuffing baking and pie making. Once again we cooked the turkey in the slow roaster and like good old Dickens' tradition we made 5 pies (3 pumpkin, 1 mixed berry, and 1 apple). YUM!!! 

At 1pm the Thanksgiving crew arrived and we dove into the food at 1:30. Our extended family the Jacksons and Jones joined us again this year. We were also joined by the Petersons, Skanchys and Jared Nimtz. Everything was soooooooo good (as evident by my weight gain)! We are so thankful for the friendship of each of these families and for the many different talents they share with us. Thank you for allowing us to share time and laughs.

Friday morning we awoke to a dusting of snow covering the ground and bright sunshine! A perfect day to reflect quality family time. Both boys slept in until 8am and Brighton only woke up once during the night.

Greg and I finished replacing switches and outlets and Amber enjoyed a nice breakfast. Fatso Brighton let us put on his "workout" outfit (the one in the picture below) and Greg got to run around in his "McQueen" pjs for half the day.

Saturday was spent doing nothing (except for me...studying). I did make it a priority to see the BYU game over at the Griggs. I am hoping that just one year BYU will absolutely blow out Utah but it at least won't happen until next year. That night we spent playing "Ticket to Ride" with Jeff and Melea. Sadly and happily the Birds will be graduating in May from dental school and will leave Lexington. We are saddened about the prospects of them leaving but are excited about the many opportunities awaiting them post-graduation. 

Today was our first Sunday back to church as a family. It was nice riding together as a family to church and although Brighton wanted to be fed twice during sacrament I felt normal again sitting next to my favorite person - Bumber. I am grateful for this short vacation, for the chance to be with those that I love. I am grateful for the sealing power of the Priesthood and its associated blessing of eternal families. I want to take the time and give my thanks to those that have helped me become a man and father, who have provided good examples and sacrificed in my behalf. I feel that the world doesn't say thank enough and so I just want to say, "THANK YOU!" 

To finish the post, I thought pics of Turbo and Teddy would be nice.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have been very blessed since Brighton was born to have help from family members. Lynne was here the week after he was born, then my mom came, and my sister came the week after that. I'm not quite sure what we would have done without so much help. I'd like to think that I would have figured it out, but I'm not so sure about that.

Brighton with Grandma Aston

Brighton with Aunt Nichole. As you can tell from the picture, he was very sad that she had to leave. :)
Here are some more pictures of Brighton.

First bath time. He wasn't a fan but has gotten used to it a bit. He sure does a good job of peeing while in the bath (sorry... probably TMI).

My adorable boys.

Trying to eat his fist. He's definitely a good eater.

I think he looks like he's partying in this picture. :) I sure am lucky to be a mom!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stylish Dentist

The 4th year dental students recently had their annual clothing sale and this year I decided to purchase a cranio-cap and a t-shirt for G-reg. When the t-shirt arrived we realized that 3T really meant 18-24 we put it on Greg and let him run around in his new "Muscle" shirt.


Brighton spent last night being sick...thanks in part to Greg being the source of all IDs in the house. As a consequence Amber and I placed the two culprits against the wall and shot their picture. Of how cute can craziness be!?