Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bucket Lists

If you live in Kentucky, attending a UK basketball has to be on your bucket list. At least it was on ours. 

This year is the last year UK would play UNC at home before we left Kentucky. So, after an early morning clinic, afternoon lecture and an evening spent studying Noel waited in line w/ Jon Bylund and Josh Reynolds until 12:30 to purchase tickets to the UK/UNC game. Poor Noel plopped into bed after spending 17 hours on campus only to wake back up at 6:30 for an 8am exam in Pharm. Yum:(
But it was totally worth it. Yesterday we spent the afternoon with the Bylunds and Reynolds at Rupp for one of the best college games ever! It was epic. Epic enough for Noel to lose his voice.
Here is a panoramic stitch of inside Rupp. Noel used our little point and shoot to take a series of images that he stitched together. Do you think UK colors are blue and white? What made you think that. 

What a handsome couple. I think the hats made the image.

And here are Greg's future in-laws aka the Bylunds. The other day Ashley was going to come over and play with Greg but she couldn't. Instead Angela offered for Greg to go over to their place. When Amber asked Greg if that was ok he replied with "Oh, thank you!"

Here is our power couple. Josh and Jenna will be the ones that cure AIDS and start a redesign your home on a dime.

Last time Noel attended UK's home game against UNC he bought tickets for the "Eruption Zone" (picture below). Little did he know that he was caught on College GameDay wearing a shirt more reminiscent of UNC blue instead of Kentucky blue amongst a slew of rabid UK student fans. Yesterday he wore white.

Another pic of the Eruption Zone.

Here is the final score. Davis' block at the end of the game once again saved the day for UK. It should be a thrilling year for UK.


Jenna said...

We had so much fun with you guys! I'm glad the boys braved the lines and waiting so we could enjoy the fruits of their labors. :)

angela said...

Wahoo! So glad we got to spend that game together. Jon lost his voice as well. Great game! Will you send me your pics? Your point and shoot is awesome!