Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post Tent Party

Another motherless weekend. 
No problem. 

In order to celebrate our independence the boys had a campout in the backyard on Friday, soccer in the morning on Saturday and like all good men, the best naps Saturday afternoon.

Recently we purchased a 7-person tent, but due to a busy Fall schedule and hot weather, we hadn't been able to put it to good use. Friday afternoon after clinic I rushed home and Greg and I set up the tent. 

Greggors was the little champ and we put it up with no mistakes in about 20 minutes. We then loaded it up with tons of blankets and created as I like to call it, "Greggor's Throne."

The weather was nice and dry and we had a great night under the stars. 

Saturday morning we had round 2 of soccer. Much better. I made sure Greg was well-fed, fixed his shin guards so they didn't bother him, and dressed him for success. Yahoo! It helps that Greggors plays on the coolest "Tigers" team in Kentucky.

Sunday was another beautiful day in the Bluegrass so we took the boys outside to take down the tent and of course take pictures.

Here is Greggors sneaking out the backdoor.


No one has ever accused our boys of being camera shy. Here is Brighton hanging out in the tent space.

I love this series of photos. Brighton saw me lying in the grass in front of him and he lit up a cheese ball on cheese on fire!

Just liked the symmetry of the picture.

Happy to have his mother back. I do have to admit, and even Amber will admit this, but I am the king of naps. Somehow both of our boys love their dad putting them down for naps. Just watch, the next one will be a girl and all she will do is scream...yup, scream like a banshee.

Love this. Turned around and saw my shadow in the grass with Brighton on my shoulders. Handed the camera to Amber and sure enough...Amber snapped a beauty! Tempted to keep this picture for Halloween. Looks like some sort of Louisiana bayou swamp monster.

Need I say anything else besides... two cool dud[es]!

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