Saturday, October 15, 2011

Keeneland a Family Tradition

Last Friday opened the fall season of horse racing at Keeneland. The races at Keeneland are a big deal to central Kentucky and as their claim to fame Kentuckians will remind you that the first place Queen Elizabeth  ever visited in the US was Keeneland. 

Since we are not big horse race gamblers we particularly enjoy the Breakfast with the Works. The boys love eating donuts and as much greasy food as they can and then going down to the track to see the horses. Plus it is always fun to see newbees to the horse racing experience gussied up at 8 in the morning. 

This morning we treated the boys to breakfast at Keeneland. Greg had a ton of fun helping Dad take pictures with "Dad's camera." In fact Greg took the picture below.

Unfortunately our tradition had been to visit Keeneland with the Birds. When we got down to the track to look at the horses Greg turned to Noel and said, "This is where Maddox and I were last time. I miss him." But we had some great company in the Reynolds and hopefully they won't mind going with us again :)

Greg also loves watching the horses. He was so excited to watch them race by.

Brighton also liked watching the horses, but he was a little more comatose and subdued due to being tired and slightly cold.

Greg posing for the camera.

Greggors pointing out to mom the cow horse.

The cow horse: Greg took this picture as well.

On the way out to the car we had a discussion about how lucky we are as a family to enjoy such a wonderful place to live as Noel finishes dental school. This year Noel has served on the admissions committee to dental school and we have had many discussions about the positives and negatives about attending UK. In the end we always feel grateful for our time here in Kentucky. I think the boys would concur. :)


Jenna said...

We had so much fun, thanks for inviting us! We would love to do it again.. :)

angela said...

Looks like you all had a great time. We haven't been back to Keeneland for breakfast for years. I think it's the $7 breakfast for 5 people thing I'm having trouble with. :) Maybe when we have a real job. haha Great pics.