Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hard to Say Goodbye

After nearly 7 years of marriage, there is one absolute truth about us...Amber hates change. To which she says, "Yes!" In the last two months we have had to say goodbye to two families with which we have grown to love and appreciate as dear friends. The Birds left us at the beginning of May and now the Reynolds are picking up shop and moving to Kansas City for a couple of years. 

On Friday several families in the ward put together a potluck farewell at Hartland Park. Greg loved it, Brighton loved it, and of course the parents didn't...never fun to say goodbye. However, there was good food and although I said we didn't like certainly was fun :)

Here is Brighton boy playing in the swing. It only took me twenty pictures with the point and shoot to get the one shot I wanted...yuck! Still worth the effort. Although the adage "the difference between a  professional photographer and an amateur is the number of pictures one takes" holds true for point-and-shoots, you still look like an idiot if you shoot too much with a DSLR. Thankfully mine was packed away for a wedding on Saturday :)

Ashley Ann and Greggors romping around. Both tried climbing the tree. Thankfully they never got more than a foot off the ground.

Jennilyn and Amber. What a great combo! Jennilyn and her husband are a pretty stellar couple and taught us many things while they were here.

No post would be complete without a picture of Greg. This is at the end of the evening when we told him he had to go home. Can you tell by the tears that he wasn't happy?! And how about the dirty face...someone likes cookies and running around.

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