Monday, May 30, 2011

Why We Love Guests

We have been very fortunate lately with the visit of parents and friends. But like usual, let's start with some nice pictures.

Here is bubba chubs with Amber (nice job on the self-portrait). Nothing says tired parents like a sewn on tie. 

Papa and Grandma Dickens stopped by last weekend to visit. They had not seen the boys since Christmas and made the most of their trip. The girls spent the morning combing garage sales. In the afternoon we went to Mellow Mushroom for some yummy pizza and hummus. And of course...we went to the Arboretum. Here is Brighton being quite the little chubby football.

Brighton learned to sit up recently and now enjoys reaching for everything. He particularly likes the tv remote, so taking this picture was quite easy.

Here we are last Saturday weekend in the morning taking the boys for walk. Greg loves his bike. He loves telling us, "Here comes another hill! I beat it."

This weekend Greg Creighton came to visit. That's right, the Greg - the one who our Greg is named after - came to ride the Horsey Hundred with us. Big Greg flew in Thursday evening. Friday we spent preparing for Saturday. Saturday morning and afternoon Greg and Noel, along with Jon bylund, participated in the Horsey Hundred's Century ride. The weather was perfect except that Greg's allergies went crazy. Poor Greg spent Saturday night recouping with Benadryl and Claritin. We did enjoy a nice meal at Masalas which was perfect after a long day of sugars and gatorade.

After church on Sunday and a delicious meal of homemade steak and chicken fajitas we went to Waveland. Lil Greg loved running around and telling Big Greg to follow him.

Here are some pictures from Waveland.

Love this picture. Lil Greg convinced Big Greg to go down the slide. Unfortunately for Big Greg, it was hot and the slide was unforgiving to sweaty legs.

Two peas in a pod. 

Where else but in Kentucky would they make Corn-hole part of a wedding party. Love it!

Great series of pictures of the Gregs

Brighton also loved being pushed in the stroller.

This morning Big Greg left for New York and little Greg was devastated. On the way home Greg kept telling us how Big Greg will come back tomorrow. Poor lil Greg, he had so much fun with Big Greg that are worried that he will be satisfied with just us :)

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angela said...

We need to have Ashley and Greg go for a bike ride together. What a great first date that would be!