Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Some of the greatest joy in my life comes from watching my sons interact with each other. I worried at first if they would be able to coexist peacefully. I don't have that worry anymore. For now. :) (We'll see about that again later when Brighton is more mobile and better at stealing Greg's toys.)

It's so sweet that Brighton laughs hardest for Greg. It's sweet how Greg wants to come with me to get Brighton out of his crib when he wakes up, then peeks over the bumper pad and says, "Hi Brighton!" It's sweet when Brighton tries to give Greg a hug. It looks a lot like grabbing his face, but I think it's a hug. It's sweet when Greg says, "Brighton is sad. I help him." It's sweet that they play peek-a-boo in the car. It's sweet when Greg wants to hold Brighton on his lap. It's a pretty awesome life I live.

I love these boys!

Brighton sure does love his elephant that Aunt Carrie gave him.

Brighton in his sleep sack. Noel said he looked like he was wearing a potato sack.

What a cute smile!

One day, I was fixing dinner and Brighton was in his high chair. I was almost finished when Brighton started crying. I kept telling him I was almost done and that he was okay. After a couple of minutes the crying died down and eventually stopped. Poor kid. I guess Greg and I wore him out that day.

Greg is constantly cracking me up. Why is it that toddlers like the baby toys more than the baby likes the baby toys? Funny kid.

Oh my. Serves me right for leaving my stuff out.


Lora said...

The last picture is definitely a keeper to show to future love interests. LOL! So cute that your boys are so sweet to each other.

Amanda said...

I love it. Noah and Eli always grab my breast pump when I leave it out. They lift up their shirt and put it on their belly.

Jenna said...

What sweet little brothers! So cute :)

Joy said...

Cute boys! I can't believe how much Brighton has grown! Greg is an awesome big brother.

Maren&Jordan said...

Oh my, how could you ever worry that they wouldn't get along? I think Greg is the nicest and sweetest little toddler I have EVER met. And of course, Brighton is so cute you can't help but adore him even if he weren't so sweet

angela said...

It is sure fun having 2 of the same right in a row. How fun for them!

Adele said...

It is so fun to see your kids interact! It makes me so happy to watch B and E love on each other! Beckett used to do the same thing with my breast pump! too funny!

Emilee said...

I love the last photo! That is hilarious! It made me laugh.