Friday, June 24, 2011

Parks and Cars

The Smith family was in town as part of their vacation and yesterday we spent a couple of hours over at Waveland taking pictures. Amber decided to bring the boys over to play and run around. Time with the family is always limited and as such we lived it up.

Greg showing off his muscles.

Like usual, Greg always finds where the camera.

Nothing much to say besides like the shot.

Brighton is going through development stages pretty quickly now and we love taking pictures of his new "intense" stares.

Such a beautiful woman and baby...lucky to say I am married to one and father to another.

Love this sequence. Brighton loves sticking out his tongue and I was happy to take a series of it.

Took Greg to see his first movie, "Cars 2". We had a blast! Love the glasses.

What a couple of handsome fellows.

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