Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Festivities

October has been a busy month. Here is a little look at what we have been up to this month.

Of course, we carved pumpkins with Jeff and Melea. I scooped out the seeds, and Noel did the carving. Nice work. I do have to say that Noel's pumpkin carving skills have come a long way since the first year we did this with the Birds. It's a skull and cross bones, just in case you couldn't tell.
I was so excited to dress Greg up for Halloween this year. Since I am lacking in craft/sewing abilities and didn't want to spend too much on a costume, I went with our friend Kristen to Kid-2-Kid and found this adorable elephant costume for $7. I thought that Greg would be all for it. Wrong. He was quite distraught about having the elephant head on his head (he has never been a fan of wearing hats).
"Dad, why is she doing this to me?!?!"
Of course his life in an elephant costume got much better with a graham cracker.

Greg and I went to our ward's annual trunk-or-treat activity. It was very fun to see all the cute costumes and decorated trunks.

Our friends, the Willburs (aka Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Luigi, and Toad). Blurry, but such cute costumes...nice work, Joy!

Greg and I again. It sure did take a lot of graham crackers to keep that kid happy.

This is how a guy in our ward dressed up. It was so cool. He is a tall guy to begin with, then he was standing on these stilt things that made him probably 10 feet tall. He also had paper mache hands and head. Very spooky!

Last but not least, the kids in Fayette County schools had their fall break for 2 days this month. One afternoon that she had off, Grace came over to play with Greg. He loves her!!! It was so fun to watch him play with her; he was so happy and excited.

I hope that everyone had a wonderfully spooky Halloween and that you got tons of candy! :)


Adele said...

haha... I love the pictures of Greg in the elephant costume.. That is a large elephant head- I'm not sure I would like it either! Beckett wasn't a huge fan of the hood on his costume either, but he left it on for the most part! What a cutie!

Joy said...

Greg made a cute elephant! I don't think any baby/toddler likes wearing things on their head. Emily took off her hat tons and then refused to put it back on!

Melissa said...

Greg is so cute and I have to tell you he was not liking you in those first couple pictures! But I love that graham crackers fix all! What an adorable character he is!!!

Nichole said...

You may be too young to remember, but I remember when Carrie was about that age, and Mom dressed her up as Sunshine Bear (kind of ironic:) It was so cute, but she wouldn't keep her little bear ears on. Why is it kids don't appreciate the efforts their parents make to make them even more adorable?

Lynne said...

Looks as though Greg took "Trunk" or treat literally!!! wow is he cute!!