Saturday, October 31, 2009

Call me lucky!

Several months ago, I was brushing my teeth to get ready for bed, and I notice that my wedding ring looked funny in the mirror. After my double take, I saw that the center diamond was missing! Horror! I was so panicky because we had been to an amusement park with friends the day before. I was pretty sure that it was there the night before, but my state of mind was such that I kept imagining that it flying out on a roller coaster laying on the ground with the cell phones, gum and sunglasses that had fallen out of other riders' possessions. I told Noel and started searching around the house. I had just gotten out of the shower, so that was the first place I looked. Nope. Then I proceeded to crawl around the house looking through our fairly high pile carpet. Nope again. I was so mad, and I had resigned myself to the fact that we would be going to get a cubic zirconia to put in there.

Well...the next morning, Noel got up to get ready for meetings before church. He stepped into the shower and felt something under his foot. Yep, it was the diamond! Talk about lucky! Noel has tried to convince me that luck has nothing to do with it, he found it because he was fulfilling his calling. :)

I finally took it to Kay Jewelers to have the stone put back in. I though that it was going to cost at least $100. Nope...$27. And I think that they did a great job. I think that they must have also re-plated the white gold on my ring because the scratches and worn spots are no longer there. I looks fabulous! I feel like I'm newly engaged again because I'm not used to wearing it, and I keep looking down at the pretty ring that my husband gave me.

Moral of the story: fulfill your callings. :)

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Susan said...

I am so glad that you got your ring fixed.