Saturday, October 27, 2007

Birthday/Pumpkin Carving

My 24th birthday was on Monday, and since Noel doesn't get home from class until about 9:00 on Mondays, we celebrated on other days. On the Friday before, we went to this fabulous Indian restaurant with Melea and Jeff. The food is sooooo good, and the company was great too.
Since I had parent-teacher conferences and report cards due this week, I just stayed at work until 6:30 on Monday. But then we got to celebrate my birthday again on Wednesday. I'm all about stretching out my birthday into a week-long event! Melea is a fantastic baker, and she made me a chocolate cake (from scratch) with crumbled Reese's peanut butter cups in between the layers of the cake and on frosting. It was delectable! We had a good laugh because she ran out of space on the cake to write "Amber" underneath "Happy Birthday." So she put it on top; I love how she even punctuated it correctly! We also carved pumpkins on Wednesday. I didn't so much do any carving, but I did help scrape out some of the pumpkin guts! Noel wanted to put a meat cleaver and knives into the pumpkin to make it scarier. Then we decided that it wasn't a really great idea to have sharp objects on our porch for all of the little trick-or-treaters to grab. Can you imagine, "Hey Mom! Look what I got at this house!" So Noel settled for plastic forks and knives. It turned out pretty cool.
Here is a picture of Noel and Jeff with the pumpkins. Melea and Jeff did bats for eyes and vampire teeth. We weren't that creative with the actual carving. Noel's creativity came when he was trying to decide what to stab into the pumpkin.


Micah, Nichole, & Dallin said...

I have just one thought. Noel needs help.

Melea said...

We had so much fun! It is great to hang out with people you can just goof off and do pretty much dumb stuff with :), like stabbing pumpkins and making wierd faces.