Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Year's Award goes to...MOM!

Mother's Day has come and gone, gifts were already given, and life has moved on. Yet, it seems to me that Mothers need more than just one day to celebrate their "Awesomeness". Many of you who read this blog realize that Amber has sacrificed being home with Greg this year in order to support our family while I finished my Masters program. What most people are not aware of is the all of the extra stuff that Amber does without complaining and often times on little sleep and food. But Greg and I notice her dedication to our family, time spent fulfilling her callings at church, and the help she often lends more than willing to friends and family. Eventually, Amber, you will read this post and when you do, Greg and I would like for you to know that you are an A+ mother, a bodacious wife, and the coolest of friends. 
Here's lookin' at you babe!
As a side note...I snapped this shot (below) of Greg looking at his "chubbo" legs and thought I would throw it on at the end of this post. The pediatrician noticed Greg walking along the wall by himself on Tuesday and mentioned that the "fatty" legs wouldn't be around much longer. So in conclusion...We love Amber, and Greg's fat legs are disappearing rapidly.
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The Reynolds Family said...

Yea for Amber! She sure has been incredible the past year! I've been impressed with her stanima and patience in getting through the past year! Cheers to her staying home next year!