Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend and Arboretum Part 1

What a great weekend! On Friday Amber and Trevor threw me a surprise 10,000th birthday. It was awesome! Because my normal birthday in December 28, I have never really had a true birthday party, so this was awesome. Trevor made me a specialty plate in order to commemorate the day and Amber led a rowdy game of Noel trivia. Jeff Bird and Trevor took first place, but Jon Bylund came in a close third as he gained bonus points by knowing my parents nicknames – Skinny Lynnie and Gordie (although at first he said Skinny Minnie).

On Saturday we were invited to celebrate Jon Bylund’s graduation from Medical School. Since moving to Kentucky, Amber and I have been fortunate to know and befriend Jon and Angela Bylund and are always amazed by their enduring faith and excellent example. Congrats Jon and we wish you the best luck in your transition to your Anesthesiology residency!

Sunday was the annual scripture mastery chase between the Bishopric and the seminary students. Last year we were whooped in Old Testament mastery so this year Bishop Blodgett instituted a training regiment. It really paid off as we walloped the students in New Testament mastery by nearly 20 questions. Next year is the Book of Mormon and we are already preparing J.

For family home evening tonight we went to the Arboretum. Today’s weather was in the low 70s and sunny and we wanted to enjoy the nice weather outside before it heats up mid-week. Greg loved touching all of the flowers and kept Amber busy keeping him out of the Koi ponds. It was also his first time playing in the grass. After some crying he found out that grass is pretty cool and in the end we had trouble taking him away from his precious grass. I have included some pictures of Amber and Greg at the Arboretum.
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Lora said...

I LOVE the picture of Greg in the window and Amber and Greg on the bench. Way to go Noel.

Joy said...

Great pictures! It was fun throwing such an odd themed surprise party! I am glad Trevor has a kindred spirit as his friend!

Karlee said...

The pictures look amazing! You have such a beautiful baby boy. When it's my time to begin a family I will be calling on you for baby pictures!