Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hanging Around the House

Finally Noel's schedule has lightened up a little and we are simply counting down the days until Amber finishes teaching school. This past year has seemed like a marathon. We started out strong and enjoyed the first 10/13 miles. We survived the 20 mile wall and are now finally beginning to sense that the end is near (aka. mile 23). Our feelings are best summarized by Greg's excited/constipated face below. 
Despite the difficulties that this year has presented to us, we are extremely grateful for the opportunities we have had. Amber does well at most everything she does, and in particular she has excelled in teaching. This past week Amber informed her principal that she would not be returning for next year. This decision has been difficult for Amber as she really enjoys teaching and her collegues, but misses being home more with Greg and of course...ME, aka Noel. Her principal was extremely gracious with her decision and paid her the ultimate teaching compliment, that when she does return to teaching that she seek him out first for a job. As a family we are proud of Amber's hard work and her dedication to family, faith, and work. Not teaching next year opens up an abundance of other opportunities such as a membership at the YMCA, play groups, eating a nice morning breakfast, blogging, and of course....SLEEPING (something she has not been able to do this entire year).
Noel has been busy this year being a stay-at-home dad, going to school full-time, and working as the biostatistician for the Division of Pediatric Dentistry at UK's College of Dentistry. Days tended to run from 7am (when Greg wakes up) to 1 or 2 in the morning (working or studying). Despite the extended schedule and lack of sleep, Noel enjoyed the quality time with Greg. This past week, Noel was recognized by the Biostatistics Department as their Student of Excellence for graduation. Each of the concentrations in the College of Public Health recognizes a student at graduation that demonstrated excellence both in the classroom and in their assistantships. Although Noel has not found his work and schooling overbearing, this award serves as vindication for striving to maintain a positive balance between work, school, and home life. Congrats Noel! 
Despite our busy schedules we have found great joy in living in Kentucky. Gregory has added a  great deal of excitement and happiness to our lives and we love him greatly. Nothing beats seeing your son smiling.
Last but not least (yes, I realize people don't actually read blogs :) ), Noel has worked hard this year to improve his hobby of photography. Below is the opening image of his new website that will open in June. Enjoy!
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Joy said...

You both are rock stars! Amber, Congrats on making it this last year! Taking on the role of motherhood on top of everything else you've done - you're too good! Noel, way to rock it in your education - on top of taking on fatherhood! You're both awesome!

Jaimee said...

Hey guys--just checking your blog! Glad to see you've made it this year! I worked full time the first year of Camerons life while Blaine did school etc--it was tough! Way to go! Hope things continue to go well! We may be coming back to KY!! (Louisville)