Friday, June 5, 2009

Mini Beethoven

Since Greg was old enough to sit up by himself, he has been fascinated with the piano. Sometimes I think he would even trade yogurt and apple juice just to thump the keys and listen to the demo music. While I was preparing emails for work I plopped Greg down on the piano bench and he went crazy...that is, crazy with excitement. When I turned around to watch Greg he totally looked like Beethoven reincarnated. I couldn't pass up the photo-op. Because of low lighting I had to use a small f-stop, but you can still make out the crazy hair and the pure excitement on his face. Just think, Greg could be Yo Yo Ma of the piano or as Amber just reminded me...Yanni. I wish I could have been Yanni, the name itself picks up all the chicks.
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Adele said...

Its too bad you didn't name Greg Yanni... But, with that hair, he is gonna pick up all the chicks anyway! What a cutie!!

Nichole said...

This picture of Greg really tickled Dallin's funny bone. He laughed hilariously when he saw it. We also watched the videos, and Dallin got a really big kick out of the way Greg crawls. He laughed even harder when I told him Greg was wearing his old pjs.

HAYLEY said...

Wow! What a prodigy!! Mr Personality!