Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Leaving Lexington

The day after Noel's graduation, we finished packing and cleaning and headed out. It was a hard day. A really hard day. Thinking about it even now, a year later, makes me sad. I loved our years in Lexington. I still miss something about Lexington almost everyday. Kentucky really gets in your blood. :) We made amazing friends. It was also a time of a lot learning in the Gospel and in the Church for me. I served in a presidency in each of the women's auxiliaries and learned a lot about serving from the ladies I got to serve with. The wards we were in were wonderful...so many people anxiously engaged in a good cause, so many examples of good parents and righteous living. I will always be thankful for Bishop Blodgett and for the atmosphere he created in the Tates Creek ward and for Bishop Langdorf and for his love and involvement with the youth. He was so good with them! I will always have a special place in my heart for Lexington, Kentucky!

About a week before we left, we had a dinner with friends at the Willbur's house. Good food, even better company! Then the husbands had a final Wii-cathalon into the wee hours of the morning (or should I say Wii hours of the morning :)).

Cute little friends (Ashley, Greg, and Emily). Maybe they'll meet again at BYU. :)

Some of the best women I know (Angela, Joy, and Emily). Oh, how I miss them!

Getting things packed up. The bed frames were already disassembled, so the boys just slept on their mattresses on the floor.

It's hard to keep entertained when all your toys are packed up. 

Saying goodbye to our house. I get overly attached to things, so it was hard to leave the house that I brought all of my babies home to.

Brighton got into the travel snack bag a little early. :)

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