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Evan's Birth, March 22, 2013

Evan decided to come two weeks early. In the words of Jacklyn Edwards, what a gentleman! I had gone in on the 21st for a weight check ultrasound and a doctor's appointment. The ultrasound person said that she thought he was pretty big, measuring more than 9 lbs. I didn't have a hard time believing that, given my history of birthing gigantic babies. But at the same time, he just didn't feel as big as the other two (it was probably because he didn't move as much or with as much force as the other two).

I had my appointment with Dr. Zachman right after the ultrasound. He asked what Evan was measuring, and when I told him more than 9 pounds, he said that he thought that was off. He was estimating about 7.5 pounds. Okay. I didn't have a hard time believing Dr. Zachman either because, like I said, Evan just didn't seem as big. From the beginning of the pregnancy, Dr. Zachman was open to an early induction given my history. But since he thought Evan was a normal size, he said that it was in everyone's best interest to wait. It made sense, but when you are 38 weeks pregnant and uncomfortable and can't sleep and wanting to be done being pregnant and swelling like a balloon and worried about plane tickets and spring break and...you don't want what makes sense. I went home and called my mom crying that Evan wouldn't be here by the time she got here, and after a lot of "everything is going to be okay", she was able to calm me down. And I was resigned to the fact that I was going to be pregnant for 3 more weeks (medicaid doesn't allow elective inductions before 41 weeks).

The next morning at about 4:00, I got up to go to the bathroom. After I got back in bed, I noticed I was having contractions. I had had some dreams that my epidural was not going to work, so I read a book and practiced some natural childbirth techniques. I thought that the contractions would die down after awhile and this was a chance to practice my breathing and relaxation. They didn't go away before the boys woke up at 6 and were getting closer together (about 10 minutes). I kept thinking they would go away and kept "practicing" my breathing and relaxation. I was even planning in my head what I was going to make for breakfast once the contractions stopped. When Noel got up to get ready for school, I told him I was having contractions, that I was sure they would go away and to go ahead and get ready for school. By the time he got out of the shower, the contractions were getting pretty intense and were less than 7 minutes apart. He didn't go to school. :) We probably looked really funny. You would think we had never had a baby before. We didn't know what to do. Is this really labor? When do we leave for the hospital? Who's going to take the kids? The contractions were now less than 5 minutes apart. Noel called Mindy McQuivey (my dear friend who used to be a labor/delivery nurse) to ask if we should go to the hospital. She said yes and volunteered to take the boys for us. I love her!

We went to UK, and Noel dropped me off so that he could go park. UK's parking was crazy (across a busy street), and I knew that I couldn't walk that far. I barely got into the information desk. The nice man got a wheelchair and took me up to the maternity center. When I was finally changed and in triage, the doctor checked me and I was already almost an 8. They asked me if I wanted an epidural, and I said, "YES! As soon as possible!....please." By the time I got my epidural, I was already a 9 and was ready to push before it had taken complete effect. But it did the trick. Evan was born after about 35 minutes of pushing at around 1:15 pm.

When the nurse gave him to me, both Noel and I commented on how teeny he was and that Dr. Zachman was right. But when the nurse took him back to weigh and measure him, she said, "I think he's heavier than he looks. I bet he's probably close to 9 pounds. Yep! 9 pounds 9 ounces! And 22.5 inches long." What?!?! He looked so small and had the skinniest little chicken legs.

Noel called our parents and told them the baby was born, and they all thought he was joking. :) My mom and Lynne weren't supposed to come for another couple weeks, so Gordon aka Super-Plane-Ticket-Man got Lynne on a flight the following Wednesday or something. Noel was starting spring break, so it worked out perfectly.

My resident, attending, and nursing during my labor and delivery were wonderful! I wish I remembered their names. Evan's labor and delivery was the easiest of the three and definitely the quickest. It was nice to actually be able to have the little breaks in between contractions (you don't really get that with pitocin). It was a beautiful, happy, love-filled day!

The proud older brothers

 Enough of the baby...can we watch a show?

What a sweetie!

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