Friday, July 11, 2014

Evan as a New Born

Evan was a really sweet, sleepy baby when he was little. I loved cuddling with him after he ate and smelling his fuzzy head. :) He slept for such long stretches in the day, and would stay awake for hours when he woke up at night, even when he was older (3-4 months old). He was always very happy at night, so at least I didn't have a fussy baby at 2 am. And unlike his older brothers, he didn't spit up very much. Nice!

I got pretty swollen when I was pregnant with Evan. After he was born, the swelling in my right foot went away after a day or two, but the left foot took about a week. It was funny to look down at my uneven feet.

What a cute, squishy face!

Greg is such a caring big brother. He always wanted to hold and kiss Evan. 

Brighton is a great big brother too. He just wasn't quite as enthusiastic about holding or touching the baby.

Coloring Easter eggs with Grandma while she visited and helped after Evan was born. We were really lucky to have so much help. It was a crazy, busy time for Noel with finishing school and Boards and getting ready to move and whatnot, so it was such a blessing to have so much help for so long. I didn't have all three by myself all day until Evan exactly one month old.

Getting a bath from Daddy

Bubbles with Grandma Aston

Going on a walk

Making super hero masks with Grandma. The boys love doing projects with their grandmas!

The finished product

 1 month old

Brighton's selfie

My three boys! Such cuties!

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