Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Like Ice Cream, How Bout You?

A lot has happened, but when we think back to what happened, nothing really happened at all...just a couple of weeks, lots of tests, plenty of ice cream and dreaming about consistently warm weather.

We have recently discovered the joy of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. Lexington has two locations, one close to our house. Last week for FHE we took the boys for some dessert and Greg was in seven heaven. He loved grabbing the levers and watching the ice cream flow like sweet molasses on a hot summer day. Greg's favorite activity by far was asking for more sprinkles. That kid loves his sprinkles.

Brighton continues to grow into our little "Bubba chubs." He has entered the "once in sight I will get it" stage. We love watching his eyes lit up with excitement for new things.  

On Monday we will begin our "3-day" potty training program w/ Greg. We are excited and after opening his new underwear, Greg is excited. He was however disappointed that most of his Lightening McQueen undies only had McQueen's picture on the back and not the front; he kept insisting that the back was the front because "McQueen is on the front, Daddy!"

Just to note how rough the last couple of weeks have been, here is Noel asleep w/ Greg. He went in to tell stories at 7:30 and both of them were asleep by 7:45. 


Lora said...

I love the last picture. I find Bryce zonked out in Brynlee's bed a lot too. Bryce also has a LARGE obsession with Orange Leaf. I must admit it is pretty tasty!

Melea said...

Jeff does this all the time...I think he does it to get out of dishes! :) Just kidding.

Jenna said...

Fun :) I love the last picture, such a sweet moment! How's the potty training going?