Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sun and Smiles

Everybody needs a break from potty-training...right? Today was nice and warm (we actually had to turn the air on), so for a break we turned on the sprinkler and let Greg go crazy. 

What a great afternoon outside!

And to finish it off...What a great face!


allyson said...

I love this pictures. I think it is the camera. I need it..What kind do you have.

Noel Dickens said...

Hey Allyson! Long time no talk. Good to hear from you! How is Utah and how is the family and Ben's residency?

The camera is a Canon DSLR. All shots were taken at 1/500 f4.0. All digital SLR bodies are great. My advice is set a budget, spend as little as possible on a camera body and buy a nice companion lens. Hope that helps :)