Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Adventures

Of course it rains all week and then Sunday is beautiful. When I was a child this used to bother me to no end; all I wanted to do was run around outside and soak up all the rays. This morning before church we took some pictures of the boys. Greg was his usual self and instead of staying still he decided to show off his amazing running skills!?

Brighton sat back and watched all of the excitement. Don't you just love the belly chub. His nickname of Bubba Chubs is well deserved...a 5 month old stuck in a 1 year old body.

Here comes the flying Greggors!


Bart and Em said...

Once again Noel, fabulous pictures! And once again Amber, you look amazing in the fabulous pictures!

Emilee said...

Okay, I just love the way you took that last photo of Greg jumping. Way cool!

angela said...

Why do Sunday's always have to be so nice? :-) Great pics. Love the action shot on the slide.