Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween w/ Additions

This weekend the Dickens celebrated Greg's first true Trunk or Treating experience and the addition of Brighton Theodore Dickens to our family. Friday afternoon Skinny Lynnie arrived from New York to help watch Greg while Amber and I spent time in the hospital. This is my mother's third straight week living out of a suitcase and we are extremely grateful that she could make it to Lexington. That evening Amber and I went to the hospital to begin Amber's induction. After filling out the paperwork we waited only about 10 minuted before we were brought back to the delivery room. The nurses placed Amber's IV and started her on a low dose oxytocin regiment.

Saturday morning Amber's water broke and she started to have regular contractions. After a relatively rough morning of contractions and pain, Amber delivered Brighton Theodore Dickens at 1:24pm weighing 10lbs. 3oz. and measuring 22in. long. Both of us are super excited to welcome Brighton into our home, but even more excited was his older brother Gregory. First chance he had, Greg wanted to hold his little brother and luckily I caught the two of them together.

Brighton is doing great despite having a slightly irregular sleeping pattern (aka. awake at night and sleeping in the day...uh oh!)

Here are some images of him with Amber, the family, and "Grandmi".

As parents we are blessed to have two healthy and active little boys. We are even more blessed to have Greg as our first born and wonderful example. Despite our lives this weekend revolving around the birth of Brighton we made it a priority to make Greg feel special as well. So Saturday evening Grandmi and I took Greg to the ward's Trunk or Treat where he was able to spend time getting candy, seeing his nursery buddies, and being the super little guy that he is. Here are some of the pictures from the Trunk or Treat.

 As closure to this post, here are some more random pictures.

Above: Greg in the hospital room trying to push every button he saw. His favorite part of the hospital, however, was the "fast bus" ride from the parking structure to the main entrance. 

Above: Greg trying to show Brighton that it is ok to be naked :) and also to demonstrate his rippling abs to the female nurses.


Lora said...

Lots of hair on that little head. Greg was so cute at the trunk or treat! Im glad that Noels mom will be here to take care of you guys until Amber's mom can take over. Congrats on Brighton! He is a cutie! Well done Amber!

Joy said...

Brighton is so adorable! Such cute boys you have! Congrats!

angela said...

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE going on the UK bus. Definitely a highlight to having a baby. Congrats! Can't wait to see him in person.

Ashlee said...

He's adorable and blond!!! It's amazing that such a little person can have such big babies!! Way to go Amber!

The Reynolds Family said...

WHAT A SWEETHEART!!! He is soo handsome and I adore that hair! So sorry I haven't made it up to the hospital! I will make a prompt visit to your home though!!:)
I second the bus comment from Angela. That is all Jackson talked about for days after Drew was born. Congrats to you all!

Nichole said...

I'm surprised, given Greg's love of ties, that a tie wasn't part of his Clark Kent costume. Very cute though. Congrats on the birth of another adorable (and huge) baby. We're so excited to have Brighton in the family. Can't wait to see you. 12 more days!!

Adele said...

Yay!! Sorry its taken me so long to post... Congrats! He looks adorable and ginormous!! Hats off to you! You are definitely modern day wonder woman! Love Greg's costume. As I sit here looking at this, Beckett keeps pointing to the computer saying, "Greg! Greg!!" I think he misses him!

Jono and Natasha said...

Congratulations! You have such a cute family Amber.