Sunday, October 24, 2010

Almost Done

This weekend was Amber's birthday. That means that one pretty cool lady became one year older. In order to celebrate, Amber and I went out to dinner and enjoyed some nice quiet time. For her birthday Amber received a steamer mop (trust me, I asked if she wanted anything more "exciting") and a electric tortilla press (who would have guessed that Amber loves tacos) from my parents.

Greg's new room received another addition as I finished his toy chest. Amber suggested adding a lid to the chest. However, when it was finished we both noticed that it resembled a coffin. Oh well, too late now to remove the lid. Hopefully Greg doesn't hold it against and in 20 years come back and murder us in our sleep.

The weather here has been incredible minus the 0" of rain this fall. Because of the lack of rain I haven't mowed the grass in nearly a month (compared to 2x a week in the spring). Today was another gorgeous day with temperatures hitting the low 80s. Greg particularly liked wearing shorts on our evening walk and running up and down the sidewalk showing off his new halloween shirt. 

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