Monday, October 4, 2010

Greg's New Room

When we finished Greg's first room, we dropped to the ground in exhaustion and decided to never ever design a room again. Too much work, too much detail, and never enough time. 

Fast forward 2 years and we are at it once again. Little Dickens #2 is due in less than a month and Amber and I decided to decorate the spare bedroom in preparation for Greg's exodus from the "baby" room. Is it not sad that Greg is no longer a baby and now a toddler?

With a little help from some friends, I discovered some online sites that cater to building your own furniture with detailed plans and cut specifications. Since Greg will be adjusting to a real bed, we decided on something that would be low to the ground...the Pottery Barn Stratton Day Bed. I went to Lowes, picked up the wood, had it cut, borrowed a miter saw and disappeared for about a week into the garage working on the bed. Since the new room would have a jungle color scheme we decided on a dark oak wood stain. The bed turned out really well and you can see it below. It has slots for baskets and if needed I can add drawers. Better yet, the bed is segmented into 3 parts and so when we move I can easily break it down and pack it up. 

This weekend we painted the new room and replaced the light switch and wall sockets. Lots of paint and many hours later, here is the finished room. Two walls are "Cream in my coffee", the third is "La Fonda Tortuga" and the last is a mixture of the previous two with "Stampede", "Cincinnatian Hotel Carl Tan", and "Summer Splash". Once again we said never again.

The room still needs a dresser which we picked out and I am in the process of completing a toy chest for Greg. And lastly the room will be decorated with some curtains and a jungle mural above the bed that is currently in process.

Yikes! Sometimes it pays being the first child. Even Greg was exhausted.


Lora said...


Ashlee said...

Fabulous!!!! Love the bed. Next time we have a project, you're hired!

McQuiveys said...

Love everything the photos -- lots of hard work pays off -- very, very talented you two!

Nichole said...

I've been wanting that very bed for years! In queen-size, of course. Can I place an order?

The Clark Family said...

Cute idea for the room and the bed looks great! Congrats on the new baby coming here quickly! Looks like life is treating you well!