Tuesday, August 18, 2009


What a week...or possibly the worst week ever. Last Tuesday I was riding my bike to school when I decided to jump onto the sidewalk from the street. 10 seconds later and lots of blood and pain, I was picking myself out of the gutter. Since I was already running late and I needed to shower before school began, I quickly made sure nothing was completely broken and headed off for the Johnson Recreation Center. Walking through the doors my left arm was a pool of blood and my shirt was torn and mangled. After a quick shower I stopped by the main desk where they supplied me with some gauze and bandages.

But that was just the beginning. During the fall I apparently slammed my right hand into the cement, bruising and severely spraining the wrist. Because I am tough (or supposedly so) I waited until Thursday to go in for an x-ray. I had the x-ray on Thursday, but then had to wait until Monday to find out the results. In the mean-time my right hand was useless. No more biking, no more running, and lots of sitting...Yuck!

But did I forget to mention that I came down with a cold as well. Yup, that's right. Murphy's law was is complete effect this past week. Saturday and Sunday were spent curled up in blankets being one grumpy cuss.

The week is over...and things are much better.

My photography website is finally up and running...check it out (http://www.pureandpensif.com).

I can feel my wrist again...no broken bones.

And my head no longer throbs from being sick.

As a side note, I will no longer being making additions to this blog. I now use my blog attached to my photography website. If you are interested, you can access the blog via my photography website or at http://www.pureandpensif.blogspot.com.

That's all for now folks. Hope your week is better than mine! :)

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Melea said...

So glad to hear your wrist isn't broken!