Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Moving Around the House

I definitely have a mover and shaker on my hands. It's really fun being home with Greg and watching him develop. When I say develop, I mean run all over the place and get into everything. :) He is such a happy baby; I'm such a lucky mom. He developed a very unique style of crawling. He figured that he could go faster and propel himself further if he pushed with his one leg up. Here is a video of his crawl. It has been described as peg-leg and looking like Quasimodo and Golum. Love it! That little table in our entry-way is his favorite place to hang out.

Greg has also starting walking a few weeks ago. He has gotten pretty quick the last couple of days and spends a lot of time walking from room to room carrying his bear, a highlighter, or a fistful of spoons. I thought that I took some video of Greg walking (for the grandparents to see), but I was wrong. I'll get some and post it later.


Melea said...

I just love this crawl. It is hilarious and starts me laughing every time I see it. What a cute boy!

HAYLEY said...

I have watched this over and over- what a crazy little crawl!!!!!!