Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Make a Million

Greg and Noel were playing in the office when Noel decided to take some pictures of Greg in order to test his high ISO settings. Recently his high ISOs have been rather grainy and as such Noel has been debating getting a new camera (to which I say..."NO!"...Piano first!). Anywho, Noel thought it would be fun to put his earphones on Greg so that the test pictures weren't quite so boring. Although the pictures weren't that great (and yes...he continues to plead for a new camera), we did find out that Greg is quite the rapper.

Most people can't understand what rappers say anyways, so what is the difference when Greg makes babbling sounds and we record it for millions? Just think, 1Million Dollars never sounded so easy.

Two proud parents now worth millions...We love you, Greg (whoops...Master G-reg!)!
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Lynne said...

these are great- and yes indeed he does look like greg dog or whatever the rapper lingo is!!!

Brightfish said...

I really wanted to comment on your I Heart Faces entry but I can't seem to get the comment form up and running. Anyway, I LOVE your photo for this week. It is just beautiful!

Maren said...

If I haven't said so before...Gregory is turning into one handsome dude.