Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and an Outfit

Girls get dresses and Boys get plaid shorts...at least in the Dicken's house. Grandma Dickens sent Greg a really cute Easter outfit composed of red plaid shorts and a white polo. Since Noel did not have church meetings until 9:30, we had a blast waking up together and readying ourselves for Easter Sunday as an actual family...Greg even got a bath. Below are some pictures of Greg's outfit and his nice comb-over.
Happy Easter and thanks Grandma Dickens for the outfit, because we totally forgot to get him something. :)

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Lora said...

I loved the plaid shorts! Greg is so handsome and Noel you are a great photographer.

Adele said...

What a cute outfit!! I looked everywhere for an Easter outfit, but all they have are girls dresses. Why don't boys have cute Easter clothes? Luckily, I had a pretty cute outfit that I bought on a clearance rack back when I was pregnant that fit Beckett well enough. I wish Beckett could get some hair like Greg! I love the comb-over!!

Maren Dille said...

M: So you know what book you should read?

A: Kelsey Grammar's autobiography?

H: Grandma wrote a biography?!

M: No, Kelsey Grammar.

N: Isn't that the chic from 90210?

I'm still laughing about that, probably will be for the rest of eternity. I heard you guys are going to be there in June and I got so excited I almost started crying! I can't wait to see you! And I'm sure you probably get sick of hearing this, but Greg is turning into one handsome turbo man.

Straight Fancy said...

Now you're just showing off with the photography skills!! SOOO Cute!

Melea said...

What a cutie pie. Sheesh, it is crazy how fast he is growing. It seems he does something new everyday!

Nichole said...

I want some plaid shorts, but only if I'll look as good as Greg.

Just the Seven of Us said...

OH, MY!!!! SO handsome - we miss you guys and would love to have you come be our photographer again!! ANYTIME - our doors are open. Miss you!