Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mamma Says Preddy! Preddy as a Budderfly!

As much as Noel and I think Greg is SOOOOOOO reality he has his "I'm not America's Next Top Model" moments. Just to illustrate our point we have attached Greg's constipation and nun poses.
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Melissa said...


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Jeff said...

This totally made my day! I usually don't laugh out right, but I did on this one. Hilarious, and Greg is as cute as ever! So sad I missed Friday, but I found out about volleyball today and we start next month. It costs $15 and we are soooooooo excited!

Jeff said...

Melea left the last comment, not Jeff. I am under his account. Wups!

Amber, I am thinking of you tomorrow and hoping it goes okay and you are not exhausted!