Sunday, October 14, 2007

House Decor

So...we have been in our house for over two months and we hadn't put up very much as far as decorations go. If Adele lived with us, she would have decorated and painted everything by now; she is such a go getter (love ya Adele). I am far less ambitious. Plus, basically having my first year of teaching over again leaves me feeling a little exhausted and very unmotivated to decorate. Well, Noel and I decided we better bite the bullet and get started.

We decided that it would be cool if we bought some canvases and made some art pieces for the wall. Maren did this in her apartment and it looks sooo cool. you can see some turned out better than others. Let's just say that Noel's turned out better than mine. It's a wonder that I got an A in the art class I had to take. :) As we were painting, I had done about two strokes and Noel looks over and says, "Hey, that looks pretty cool!" It was down hill from there. It ended up looking like an argyle sweater gone terribly wrong! I'm pretty sure my first graders could have done much better. So we just let it dry and painted over it to try again later.

Here are the paintings that Noel did.

Here are some pictures from South Africa that Noel took that we framed and put on the wall. We also bought the over-sized clock for our living room since we have such high ceilings.

There is this really cool, relatively cheap home decor store in Lexington called Home Goods. We went yesterday and got some fun stuff. Here is the bowl and candles that we got.

Here is another clock and candles from Home Goods. We still have a lot left to do, but it is a start!


Josh and Adele said...

You can't rush creativity Amber! I have just given up the creativity and stuck with the boring but easy stuff-- that is why my decorating gets done so quick! I still have plenty of rooms to do. There are still 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and the basement family room without any paint on the walls (well besides white..)... I am still brewing for ideas for those rooms...

nichole said...

Does Home Goods pay you for the advertising?:) Looks like fun.

Melea said...

Wow! Amber I must have terrible taste, but I actually really liked your painting! I would hang it up in my house! BTW, thanks for posting.