Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Buddies

We are lucky to live in a ward with LOTS of little kids. When I say lots, I mean TONS. There are about 30 kids in nursery, and 10 more entering nursery this year. So obviously there are lots of families in the ward in kind of the same situation as us. We've made many great friends and so has Greg. It's so fun to watch him play with his little buddies. It's great to hear them talk to each other and laugh together. Everynight when he prays (we still help him by telling him what to say), we tell him to say, "I thank thee for my friends." Which he does and then he starts listing them off. So precious.

We had Brynlee and Ashley over on Monday. Here is Greg and Brynlee playing with the rocket. They thought it was hilarious. Every time one of them would stomp on the pump, they would both crack up. So funny!

Since Monday was President's Day, my parents had the day off, so we Skyped with them while the girls were here. It was so cute. When I told Greg we were going to Skype with Grandma and Grandpa, all three kids jumped up on the chairs by the computer. They all wanted to Skype. :)

These two little boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cars. Whenever Jackson comes over, the race track is always going.
What play date would be complete without an indoor picnic (chicken nuggets, of course) while watching "Cars" ?!?!


Adele said...

Oh man! We missed Skyping with you guys! Wish we could have seen you!

And.. I am totally jealous of your nursery. Beckett is one of 3 kids usually!

angela said...

Thanks for letting Ash hang with you G-reg! She had an absolute ball.