Thursday, February 24, 2011

Around the House

Until last week, we have been a one car family. This winter has been quite a bit colder and snowier than the previous years since we moved to Lexington. As a result, Noel hasn't been able to ride his bike to school very much at all. Last winter, I would just take him to school on the days too cold to ride. But this year, chances are that one or both boys are asleep when he needs to leave for school. So he just took the car. We've been home a lot the last few months. So here are some pictures of the boys just chillin' at home.

Greg and Brighton on a "stay in your pj's all day because Mom is feeling lazy" kind of day. We have more of those than I'd care to admit.

One day, we were running a bunch of errands, and I totally wore Greg out. He fell asleep on the couch and his feet slid off when he rolled over. He was still dead asleep.

My beautiful boys.

Brighton enjoying the Bumbo seat. He really likes sitting in it but usually ends up spitting up like crazy because it squishes his belly.

What better place to eat your breakfast than on the step-stool?

Check out those cheeks! I can't get enough of kissing Brighton's squishy, adorable face!

Ya like Noel's black eye that he got while playing racquetball against Gordie? was his own shot that hit him.


Adele said...

We have more "stay in your PJ's all day" days than I care to admit as well... Its ok!

Jenna said...

what cute boys! You're a lucky momma!

Nichole said...

Good job with the tummy time, Brighton!