Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Christmas Present Yet Part II

As most of you know, Noel gave me a super fantastic Christmas present this to see Brad Paisley. I love Brad Paisley!

The concert was last Thursday. We went with our friends Bart and Emily. Bart is the one who gave Noel the idea to get the tickets. Nice work! We went to dinner together and then it was off to the concert. At the concert, Noel made the observation that you can definitely tell the difference between the real cowboys and the poser cowboys. :)

Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert were the opening acts. Blake Shelton also made a surprise appearance. But of course Brad was the best! He played all of my favorite songs; it was a blast! I will definitely remember this Christmas present for years and years to come. Thanks again, Noel for the fantastic present!

I forgot my camera (oops), so thanks to Emily and Bart for giving me their pictures.


Adele said...

What a fun concert! And a great Christmas present!

Hampers said...

Just gone through your blog on best Christmas present and found it awesome. It was nice going through your blog. Keep on posting.

Lora said...

Dear Noel and Bart,
Next time you come up with such a fantastic gift, please share it with Bryce! Not that I didn't love what Bryce did get me for Christmas, but a fun night out seeing my favorite cowboy would have been great also. Also, two thumbs up for the awesome seats!