Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Christmas Present Yet!

This year we are traveling to New York for Christmas. Because it is pointless to drag all of our presents to New York and then back to Lexington, we decided to open our presents before we left. Greg had the the most presents to open (though none of them were cool like a PS3 or an HD large screen TV). Amber surprised me again this year with some of the best presents...3 awesome Tour de France water bottles for my bikes and a cool pull over for biking to and from school in the morning.

But the highlight of this year was my gift to Amber. You see, Amber is quite humble and every time I ask her what she wants for Christmas she always responds with, "Just to spend time with you."...Oh Please!!!! So to make a long story short, my previous four years of Christmas presents for Amber were horrible. But this year different.

Without further ado, I present Amber's Christmas card cover:

And a video of her opening the present:


Anonymous said...

Mitch is quite proud of Greg's John Deere shirt. And the Brad concert is going to be awesome.

Marissa said...

I get a pair of tickets too, right? Awesome gift!!

Anonymous said...

Score one for Noel!! Nice surprise!!

Joy said...

Sweet surprise! Way to go Noel! We'll keep Greggy if you want for the hot date! Have a great Christmas!

Nichole said...

Good job, Noel! That's such a cool gift that you can give lame ones for the next 5 years and not get in trouble for it, right? You just have to remind Amber, "Remember when I took you to that Brad Paisley concert?"

J-TAWG Blog said...

Austin is thinking that the other ticket is for him! He LOVES country music! I call dibs on watching Greg!

Lora said...

So Fun!!! I love Brad! We saw him in Vegas and LOVED it!!

Great work Noel!

Lora said...

So Fun!!! I love Brad! We saw him in Vegas and LOVED it!!

Great work Noel!

Adele said...

Good job Noel... but I have to say the best part about that video is definitely Greg's excitement!

Jenna said...

Yay Amber! You're so cute :) Great job Noel.

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Bart and Em said...

Great gift idea! We are SO excited to go with you guys to the concert! It will be awesome!

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