Monday, February 2, 2009

Tales of a Stay-at-Home Dad

This scholastic year has provided me with a unique opportunity to be a working, studying, stay-at-home dad. In many ways my life has been blessed, with perhaps the greatest blessing being the development of a deep bond with my son. Additionally, I know what many mothers go through as they learn to cope with the life changes associated with being a parent and lacking the time to continually foster work friendships. 
Being a parent is far from easy and as much as I have enjoyed being at home, in many ways this experience has been a test of efficiency and endurance. But sometimes, when the dishes are actually done and the laundry has been somewhat conquered, I get to do what I like most...capture happy moments. 
These pictures are from this afternoon and I put them to my favorite artist. So enjoy...especially you grandparents. 


Marissa said...

That was super sweet! I think Adam needs to be a stay-at-home dad for a few months. Don't tell him I said that!!

Joy said...

Great picture slideshow! I can't believe how fast the little man is growing!

Adele said...

So cute!! I love that little man!

Lynne said...

Check out my blog- there is a new post!!