Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Working Dad!

One of Greg's favorite rooms is the office. In the afternoon the room receives a lot of sun and Greg loves playing in his exersaucer by the window. However, recently Greg has become quite restless and demands to be up with Noel at the desk working. Although we have tried with great intent that Greg learns the value of being lazy while a baby, our teaching techniques are not working. Amber has even used her teacher voice and Greg still has not gotten the message. 
 Today while working, Greg once again demanded to be up on Noel's chair. After a some grunting and crying Noel relented and placed Greg on his seat. 
Without even turning around Greg began to grab every little item in sight. In particular, Greg found Noel's grading pens quite enjoyable and even offered him one.
Poor Greg...he is like the little kid who loves homework until he realizes that homework never ceases to exist.
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angela said...

I don't ever want to have Amber use her teacher voice to me. I'm so sorry Turbo!!