Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What you talking 'bout Willis

Greg has two faces...sleepy man and "What you talking 'bout Willis" man. The latter of the two is marked by big eyes, an open mouth, and arched eyebrows. He really isn't mad, but if you didn't know him then you would think he is out to kill you. Below is an archetypical example of his "Willis" pose. Enjoy!
 Amber thought that in order to junxtapose Greg's face with happiness I should include a nice Idahoan sunset.

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J-TAWG Blog said...

Greg's death stare doesn't scare me! He's so cute, I want to kiss his neck and make him giggle!

Joy said...

So cute! I love that look. When he gets a few years older and gives you an attitude, that'll face will still come through! You'll look at him and laugh and he'll never understand why!