Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas Vacation

It's only the end of January, and I'm finally writing about Christmas.  We had a lovely break in Utah and Idaho.  We travelled on the 22nd.  Greg was a champ!  He didn't fuss all that much and made friends with all the ladies that sat around us.  He was very tired by the end of the day because he does not take naps unless he is flat on his back.   This is a picture at the Detroit airport during our layover when we tried to put his hat on him...I think it's a little too small.
We flew into Salt Lake to a TON of snow.  We stayed at LesliAnn and Mike's house for a couple of days.  While in Utah we enjoyed seeing Mike, Les, Julia, and Luke.  We also got to go to lunch with Maren and Jordan to satisfy our Costa Vida cravings.  Delicious!!!
 When the roads re-opened to Idaho, we went up to my parent's house.  On Christmas Eve, we had our traditional dinner with Lorna and David and their family followed by the white elephant gift exchange.  The "brief case" made an appearance again this year (see Josh and Adele's blog for the picture).  Everyone coveted the scentless potpourri that Melissa got and Micah's gypsy necklace. 
On Christmas morning, we opened presents of course.  It was really fun to watch Dallin enjoy his presents.  Yahoo for Legos!  Dad bought a helmet for his 4-wheeler so Dallin can protect his cranium.  Below is a picture of Carrie modeling the helmet.  I think it was squishing her brains.  After presents we enjoyed Micah's cinnamon rolls; he makes the tastiest cinnamon rolls I've ever had!  Later in the day Terri, Art, and Corinne (family friends) and Grandpa, Rhonda, and Justin came over for lunch and more presents.  Needless to say, Greg made a haul!  He got a bunch of desperately needed new clothes, some toys, and some great blankets.
What a cute boy!
Noel and I bundled up to go 4-wheeling through the snow.

On New Year's Eve, we went over to Grandpa and Rhonda's house for prime rib.  Stephen and Lindsay came too.  I ate way too much but I just couldn't say no.  

We played lots of Nertz, watch a bunch of The Office, and laughed until our abs were like steel!  It was a wonderful holiday, and it was great to see all of my family for Christmas.
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