Sunday, August 31, 2008

By now all of you are probably sick of seeing Greg, but we recently found out that the Dicken grandparents and great-grandparents surf our blog on a regular basis and are clammering for more baby pictures. As such, here are two more pictures of Greg being lazy on a Sunday afternoon. Amber says they look a little blurry, but Noel had some fun in Photoshop and here are the results.

Hope you enjoy!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

More pictures

Hi loyal Dickens fans:) Life has been relatively hectic around here and as such we apologize for the lack of posting that has occurred since the birth of Greg. Nonetheless, we do have some more pictures and news to share, so pull up a seat, grab a root beer, and enjoy the Nober Update.

After two and a half lovely days at Central Baptist Hospital, Amber and I moved back home...away from our handy Nurse button and limitless supply of diapers, creams, and medicine. As we were driving out of the hospital and turning left onto Nicholasville Rd., I thought it would have been nice to put one of those "Baby on Board" stickers on every window or any visible part of the car...just to let those crazy Lexington drivers know of our precious cargo. However, if anyone had been following us home they would have realized we were new parents as I went about 20 under the speed limit and accelerated so slow that cyclists were beating me to the next stoplight.

Anywho...we made it home and baby and mother are doing well. Below are some pictures of Greg.Above: Greg sleeping at the hospital.

Below: Greg "Turbo" in his first outfit. You can not believe how hard it is to put a huge "Noggin" into a newborn outfit. Oh boy do we have a lot in store for us:)

Above and Below: Greg's new found love...the bouncy seat.
Well everybody, I know that was short, but there will be more on the way. Feel free to call or stop by to see us. We warn you however, that the hand sanitizer flows like French wine at our house. But you will at least leave clean and sanitary:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just as proof for all of you non-believers...

Greg at a bonafided 10 lbs. 9.7 oz.

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Baby Behemoth Shatters Tates Creek Ward Weight Record

Hi everybody! This morning Amber was induced via pitocin injections. This is her lovely face in the morning as she was being prepped.

After nearly 13 hours of labor, Gregory Scott Dickens was born at 9:14pm on August 26, 2008. Weighing in at 10 lbs. 9.7 oz., Greg the "Giant" surprised everybody with his mass. Even the Anesthesiologist next standing next to Noel remarked, "Holly shnikies...That baby is huge."

Stay posted over the next couple of days as we adjust to the newest addition of the Dicken's family and update the blog with fun pictures and stories.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

The first day of school was last Wednesday, the 13th. I was very excited for it. Not for having to wake up early but happy to meet my new class. I only taught for three days, but my class seems great. No major behavior problems so far, unlike last year. They seem to be sweet kids and pretty good academically. It should be a great year.

It was Turbo's first day of the school year, too. :)

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Past Due

The ticker for the arrival of our baby should now say -1. He is officially a day late. I'm fine (ready for him to be born, but fine), and he is fine too. I went to the doctor today again. She hooked me up to an external monitor to listen to the baby's heartbeat and monitor any contractions. I apparently was having some weak contractions but didn't realize it. I'll go back to the doctor on Friday if Turbo hasn't been born yet. So now we just keep waiting. Two of my sisters are in town which has made the last few days much nicer. Hopefully there will be some exciting news soon! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

38 Weeks

Noel took this picture at the 38 weeks benchmark. I'm almost 39 weeks now (not that there's any difference between now and earlier this week). Hopefully only a few more days until our baby is born. We really want to meet him, and I will be pretty happy to not be pregnant. :)

I've been back to work this week for meetings and to finish setting up my classroom. Overall, I'm doing fine. But it's been a little tough on my body, especially when I have to bend over or sit for very long. I've been taking a pillow to sit on to all of our meetings. Our school does not have the most comfortable chairs. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008


Noel and I have been married for almost four years (Wednesday is our anniversary), and I still have not completed our wedding album. Pathetic, I know. But I just wanted to let it be known that I made some progress this week. I scrapbooked four pages! It may sound a little underwhelming, but I was proud of myself nonetheless.

I couldn't resist!

Well, for all of you Twilight fans out there, you know that Saturday was the big day. The fourth book in the series came out. I was going to wait to read Breaking Dawn and just check it out at the library. But while I was at Kroger on Saturday, the book just jumped into my shopping cart. It was 40% off, so that's my justification. :) I'm about 100 pages into it. Nothing exciting has happened yet, but I'm sure the good stuff is coming.