Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Past Due

The ticker for the arrival of our baby should now say -1. He is officially a day late. I'm fine (ready for him to be born, but fine), and he is fine too. I went to the doctor today again. She hooked me up to an external monitor to listen to the baby's heartbeat and monitor any contractions. I apparently was having some weak contractions but didn't realize it. I'll go back to the doctor on Friday if Turbo hasn't been born yet. So now we just keep waiting. Two of my sisters are in town which has made the last few days much nicer. Hopefully there will be some exciting news soon! :)


Adele said...

Oh Amber!! You're doing great! He'll come when he's ready!! I know this must be so hard just waiting for him to decide that its time to come!! You're going to do awesome and you and Noel (and Turbo) are in our thoughts and prayers! Wish we could be there right now too!! Love you!!

Melea said...

You are such a trooper! I am so glad you have family in town to keep you busy. We are so excited to meet him. You will do great! I think I (or make Jeff) check your blog like 10 times a day!